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The 21st century is the century of speed and information. In order to stand up to the fast pace of innovation, technological transformation, digitalization and globalization, everyone should access lifelong learning in order to improve skills, re-qualify or update skills.

Early school and VET dropout and NEETs have been increasing in the last decade in all EU, therefore preventing and contrasting ESL and NEETs is at the centre of the agenda both at the EU and national levels in order to support inclusive, competitive and sustainable development processes.

STONE focuses on defining and acknowledging innovative models, approaches and tools in order to support adult learners' personal development processes, based on self-awareness. The aim of the project is to prevent ESL and NEET phenomena and, at the same time, to work and focus on the number of adult educators who work with NEETs and vulnerable groups with adult learners, by upgrading their skills. 


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The CREFOP Foundation

ENOROS Consulting Ltd

4obs Consulting

Kuressaare Gymnasium's Education and training centre Osilia

The Rural Hub

Tavo Europa

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